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Here at CMHQ we recognised that due to the very personal nature and need for precise data for our custom prints, it isn’t always possible for a third party to know all the information needed to make a custom print. So we created ‘Customoney’, our gift cards.

These cards have been designed to be a novel and fun way to give the gift of a Customonopoly print and let the recipient decide on their own design details.

The cards themselves are professionally printed, on thick cardstock with vibrant colours, a true representation of the quality of the end product.

The cards themselves come in three denominations, 50, 100, 500, each one offering a slightly different product (NB: Denomination does not reflect the price of the voucher, merely the tiring of options - see below).

  • 50   - This voucher may be exchanged for any current print unframed design. (£35)
  • 100 - This voucher may be exchanged for a custom adjustment to a current print unframed design. (£90)
  • 500 - This voucher may be exchanged for a bespoke print unframed design. (£140)

If you wish to know the full terms and conditions, please contact us and we will send them to you.


Please note that we do not charge for postage of the vouchers, but the price below includes the costs of P&P of the end product so the receiptient does not get charged for it. Prints are send out Royal Mail First CLass, signed for.


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